The technician operator use hydraulic bending machine. The sheet metal manufacturing process.

Sheet Metal Fabrication at Foreign-owned Factory in Vietnam

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Sheet Metal Vietnam

Welcome to Sheet Metal Vietnam, where we proudly serve as your partner for sheet metal fabrication in Vietnam. Furthermore, our comprehensive metalworking operations cover a full spectrum of sheet metal processing capabilities. As a fully foreign-invested facility situated in the southern region of Vietnam, we have successfully created a blend between local and foreign talent and management. Specifically, we combine foreign management expertise with a skilled local talent pool, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency in our services.

Vietnam as key global player in manufacturing

Vietnam has emerged as a key player in the global subcontracting and outsourcing market. Moreover, for businesses focused on risk management and supply chain diligence, Vietnam presents an interesting option. Furthermore, Vietnam is an excellent alternative to production in China. In addition to its competitive advantages in cost and quality, it also excels in supply chain risk management. Additionally, the country’s skilled workforce and favorable business environment make it an attractive destination for outsourcing and contract manufacturing.

Sheet metal working capability

For those in need of professional metalworking and sheet metal processing services, Vietnam presents a compelling option. Moreover, this compelling option, in addition to cost and security, is founded on its skilled workforce, proper operating facilities, and a continuous improvement mentality. Whether it’s mass production or custom fabrication, Sheet Metal Vietnam has the capability to meet a broad range of needs. Furthermore, our expertise and commitment ensure high-quality results for any project.

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A home for Sheet metal services at our full range metalworking facility in Vietnam

Laser cutting

Sheet metal Vietnam Laser cutting operation

Laser cutting; sheet and pipe cutting with laser cutting technology.


Stamping operations sheet metal Vietnam stamping mold

Stamping; from single operation & progressive processes.

Turret punching

Turret punching sheet metal Vietnam

Forming, embossing, tapping, nibbling, and cutting of sheet.


Bending operation press brake sheet metal Vietnam

Bending precise dimensions.


Tig, Mig, Robot welding sheet metal vietnam

Tig, Mig, and robot welding.

Post processing

Tapping and other post processing metalworking sheet metal vietnam

Deburring, clinching, tapping, surface,…

Sheet Metal Vietnam is a company built to provide comprehensive metalworking capabilities, thereby ensuring a one-stop solution for all your metal fabrication needs. From A to Z, the company serves as a reliable partner in delivering quality metal products that meet the diverse requirements of various industries. Moreover, their services encompass everything from cutting, bending, welding, and finishing to assembly, thereby providing a complete suite of metalworking solutions under one roof. Therefore, clients can fully depend on Sheet Metal Vietnam for all aspects of their metalworking projects. Additionally, this comprehensive approach ensures that every need is met with precision and efficiency.


Sheet Metal Vietnam’s extensive range of capabilities includes:

  • Cutting: equipped with laser and turret punchingplasma we ensure high-precision cuts on a variety of metals.
  • Bending and Forming: advanced CNC press brakes enable complex bending and forming operations, producing parts with consistent quality.
  • Welding: certified welders and reliable equipment ensure durable joints; including MIG, TIG, robot, and spot welding.
  • Post processing/metal working: everything from grinding and deburring to clinching and stud welding, including a wide range of surface finishes/treatements.
  • Assembly: putting together final products.


At Sheet Metal Vietnam, quality is leading. The company adheres to stringent quality control measures throughout the production process. Our ISO-certified facilities guarantee that each product meets international standards, ensuring reliability and performance. The use of a fitting supply chain further secures our commitment to excellence.


Our well maintained and new fleet of machines and well developed processes enable us to handle mid-size to large-scale projects efficiently and effectively.

Best Price at Quality Level

Sheet Metal Vietnam offers the best fitting price at desired quality level; we are not the cheapest, but we make sure that our pricing is the cheapest possible at stated quality level. By leveraging well thought-out manufacturing processes and strategic sourcing of materials, we provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Customers can expect excellent value for their investment, with products that meet high standards at a reasonable price.



Sheet metal machine housing

Paneling and covers for machines


EV-charging station sheet metal infrastructure

Coverings and brackets for charging


Food processing industrial sheet metal

Parts for industrial food and beverage processing


Retail display shelf metal with poweder coated surface finish

Display products for advertisement & retail


Electric enclusure

Enclosures and housings for electrial functions


Furniture frames metalworking sheet metal

Frames for furnitures – indoor & outdoor


Car accessories racks roof

After-market car accessories for trucks & cars


Building and construction hardware laser cut, formed, and processed in Vietnam

Hardware for building and construction


Powder coated tv mount sheet metal and powder coating

Mounting brackets for TV & audio systems


Hand truck and trolley

Trolly’s and carts for logistics and transport


Motorbike accessories laser cut and metal worked in Vietnamese factory foreign owned FDI

After-market motorbike accessories


Solar infra system sheet metal

Brackets and mounting systems for solar energy

Why work with Sheet Metal Vietnam?

Conbining West and East!

We combine foreign investment and expertise with local talent. We have western standards in straightforwardness, communication, and problem-solving, combined with Eastern diligence, dedication, and discipline.

Our unique selling points?

Over 25 years of experiance in sheet metal fabrication, and we masterer the languages Dutch, German, English, as well as Vietnamese; experianced in the field, trusted in communication.

Trustworthy and reliable!

Trustworthiness and reliability are two important traits which have to be earned. We earn this by clear planning, clear communication, being honest about the good and the bad, implementing a reliable process, having excellent preventive maintenance, and using the right software tools to create an effective shop floor cobtrol system. Of course is the process, from A to Z, covered by a certified ISO 9001-2015 quality management system.